You Will Never Lose Your Belongings With This Ultra-Slim Solar Powered Trackable Wallet

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A fat wallet fluffing up your pockets may be annoying but losing the same wallet somewhere is the biggest nightmare of every person. Losing some cash is one thing but losing ID cards, and credit cards is another. The run to get all of your credit cards blocked is tiresome, but with EKSTER’s Ultra-slim trackable wallets, none of this will happen to you.

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Every time you open your wallet, you have to fumble with half a dozen cards before you find the one you need. This futuristic wallet is solar-charged, comes with location tracking, and blocks RFID. The wallet has a built-in shielding technology that prevents data theft through wireless skimming. It also allows access to hidden cards through a single click.

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To provide the location tracking feature, the wallet includes a removable Tile Smart Location Platform tracker card. You can track your wallet by calling it from your phone, but only within the Bluetooth range. You can even use your wallet to track your smartphone. You just have to tap the wallet twice, and your phone will ring, even if it is silent.

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The Tile costs just $29 and runs on solar energy. It only requires three hours of charging through sunlight to run an entire month. The product’s campaign had reached 1018% of its pledged goal on Indiegogo before it closed. The campaign is still live on Kickstarter and has already exceeded its €10,000 goal.

The co-founder Rick Scharnigg says,

“We’ve created an alternative to the traditional bi-fold wallet, so our customers can enjoy the fastest card access to date in an even slimmer design.”

The wallet is available in two different versions and four different colors, and you can get it delivered by this summer. The Senate edition is 0.35-inch with enough room for seven cards; it costs $69 without the tracker. Another bi-fold version costs $89 and carries more than ten cards. Both the versions provide RFID and NFC protection for six cards only. For both the versions, the addition of the tracker will cost $29.

If you are not the kind of person who likes to carry a wallet around, then you can get EKSTER’s iPhone case (cost:$29). The case is currently only available for iPhone 6 and 7 and has enough room for a little cash and one card.

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