The Kado Wallet Is The World’s Slimmest Smart Phone Charger

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Although some people are quite excited about the relaunch of Nokia 3310, yet, the truth is that everyone likes their gadgets thin and slim. Thin is a relative term as your latest smartphone may be thin enough to fit in your pocket, but not thin enough to fit in your wallet.

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It is alright to carry a smartphone or a laptop with you but having to carry a charger can be quite annoying especially when it does not fit in your pocket. Kado Wallet is a smartphone charger that is portable in the truest sense of the word. The charger is only as thick as three stacked credit cards, and you can easily fit it in your wallet.

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It comes with a 2-foot retractable cord and a microUSB. The prongs on the charger are foldable, and you can even change them to suit the boards in your region. The sad part is that the Kado wallet is not available in the market yet. The company will soon launch the product on Kickstarter for about $50. Pretty reasonable for such a cool gadget, right?

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The small phone chargers usually do not bother people as much as the huge sturdy laptop chargers do. Kado has also made a laptop charger called the Kado Sleeve that is foldable and comes with a thickness of a pencil. It can easily fit inside your laptop sleeve. The gadget made its way to the Mobile World Congress. The 70-Watt charger comes with a 6.5-foot cord and two full-sized USB ports for charging other devices. It has various charging ends to fit different laptops.

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The Kado Sleeve will also be launched on Kickstarter soon and is expected to cost $99.

Source: Kado


We are looking forward to keeping these slim smartphone and laptop chargers in our pockets.

Would you buy these pocket-sized chargers too? Or would you prefer to keep your original ones? Comment below!

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