Whether To Pick A Professionally Installed Security System Or DIY

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You found this article because you’re most likely searching for a security unit for your home. A major decision that you should make is whether to invest in a DIY unit or a professionally installed one. Professional system installation is generally easier. However, DIY installation is less costly. And most people want to buy top home security systems. But the goal is to spend the minimal amount possible.   

An expertly installed unit may require you to pay for a professional monitoring service. You might also have to enter a long-term contract that will last some years. However, a DIY system might not have a contract. What’s more, you can opt not to pay a fee for a monitoring service. 

Whether you pick a professionally installed unit or a DIY unit is up to you. However, it would help if you weighed the pros and cons that each option has. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing Between a Professionally Installed Unit and a DIY Unit 

Home security covers the security practices and hardware that is installed on a property. When it comes to a home security unit, the focus is mainly on the hardware. This includes alarm systems, locks, doors, motion detectors, security cameras, and lighting systems. Any home security unit features the most hardware components. Some of these components may require skills to install and configure. So, to determine whether an expertly installed unit or DIY one is ideal for you, ask these questions: 

  • Do you have an issue installing the security unit? 
  • Are you ready to pay an expert to install the system? 
  • Do you want a unit that you can easily relocate with if you vacate the house? 
  • Can you self-monitor the system? 
  • Can you get an off to supervise the installation of the unit? 

Your answer to such questions should guide you when deciding to install the unit yourself or hire a professional to install it. However, you should also consider each option, as well as its pros and cons. 

Professionally Installed Security Unit 

A major reason to hire a security unit installation specialist is that the unit will be safely and properly installed. In addition to saving time, professional installation saves money spent on fixing an improperly installed unit. You will also avoid the headache of dealing with potential burglary or break-in. Some companies will also handle system maintenance if you hire them to install the unit. All questions about the system can also be answered by the professional. 

But, you should be ready to spend money on the installation service. Some professionals charge from $79 upwards to install a security system. However, the cost will depend on your chosen provider. What’s more, most installation firms require homeowners to sign contracts with them. 

Nevertheless, a homeowner that doesn’t mind the fee should go for a professional installation. Also, a homeowner that doesn’t have the time or basic skills to install their security unit should hire an expert. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of having a professional install the security unit. 


  • The assurance that an expert has properly installed the unit  
  • The professional installer may also provide maintenance 
  • All questions about the security unit will be answered professionally


  • You will incur an installation fee 
  • Contract signing could be part of the package
  • You may have to buy more equipment 

Choose a reputable firm to install your unit if you opt for expert installation. 

DIY Installation 

As hinted, DIY installation enables you to avoid signing a long-term contract with your unit provider. Most firms that provide DIY security units do not require homeowners to enter long-term contracts with them. You can also have the option to monitor your system. Thus, you would incur a monthly fee for the monitoring service. 

What’s more, DIY systems have flexible rates when it comes to monitoring services. Thus, you have the freedom to pick a monitoring service whose rates you’re comfortable with. Monitoring service for DIY units can even be $8.33 per month. 

However, the idea of installing and setting up the unit without the help of an expert should be okay with you. Nevertheless, your DIY unit provider might have a support page where you can find helpful tutorials for guiding customers through the installation and configuration process. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of picking a DIY unit.  


  • No contract is required 
  • Rates for a monitoring service is cheaper 
  • Ideal for homeowners that move frequently or renters 


  • You may be asked to pay for the security equipment upfront 
  • You will handle any repairs for your unit 
  • The system might be installed improperly 

Which One Is Better? 

Perhaps, you’re still unsure whether to pick a professionally installed unit or a DIY one even after reading about their pros and cons. Well, each system is ideal for different homeowners. 

Pick a professionally installed unit if: 

  • You can pay a fee for the installation if the equipment has lower upfront costs 
  • You’re looking for a unit with outdoor and indoor cameras 
  • You need quality sensors for windows and doors in your home
  • Getting a professional explanation of the options is important to you  

Pick a DIY security unit if: 

  • A simple unit with fewer sensors for doors and windows is what you need 
  • You desire to control the installation schedule 
  • You’re looking for a single indoor camera 
  • You’re not ready to pay an installation fee but an upfront cost for the equipment. 

The best thing about a professionally installed unit is that somebody else, an expert, handles the installation while you relax or do other things. DIY system also allows you to watch over or control your installation process and schedule. 

The Bottom Line 

Research indicates that more than 2.2 million burglaries are reported in the U.S every year. That means a burglary occurs in the U.S every fifteen seconds. What’s more, most burglars target places where they are unlikely to be seen. They also look for homes that are easy to break into and leave faster. The installation of a security unit makes a home a hard target for burglars. However, a security unit should be installed properly to function properly. If you don’t have what it takes to install a security unit properly, pick professional installation. But if you have what it takes to do this job, go for DIY installation. 

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