YouTuber Disassembles iPhone 12 Pro Max To Show What’s Inside

We are all curious to figure out what components the iPhones are made up of to justify their very high price tags, but we have never dared to open it up for this very reason.

To answer our intrigue, JerryRigEverything chose to do exactly that and opened the iPhone Pro Max.

He begins by unboxing it carefully to keep the glass intact, which he manages pretty fine. He then chooses to unassemble the iPhone’s most coveted feature-its camera. And JerryRigEverything has a solid reason for this.

The purpose we want to see the camera units inside the Max is because Apple has created a new form of image stabilization that we have never witnessed inside of a smartphone before.

The new camera feature is known as SensorShift and can stabilize a picture at over 5000 times a second.”

The YouTuber carries out to demonstrate how this feature is a huge step ahead in the smartphone camera game. But the main question he wants to answer is how it will appear on the inside. That’s not the extent of his exploration, though, but you have to tune in to the video to find the rest.

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