The Function And Bad Symptoms Of Piston Rings In The Car Engine

When your car is having a problem, you may go to the mechanic to have it repaired immediately. Why don’t try to get to know your own car? There is nothing wrong with understanding the condition of your own vehicle since it is also related to your safety. In this reading, you will get to know one small part but plays an important role to keep your car in good condition, therefore your you can keep maximum safety of yourself. So, what is that part? The engine part we are about to talk about is piston rings. We are getting to know about piston rings function and bad symptoms in the car.

The Function of Piston Rings

Based information from site, inside the combustion engine, there are parts called piston rings. These rings are located in the surround the diameter of the pistons. Piston rings have about 4 main functions, they are:

1. The piston rings have functioned as sealers in the middle of the cylinder and piston after the process of combustion. This will prevent the gases from combustion to leak.

2. Piston rings also exist to control the amount of lubrication for the pistons that are moving.

3. The presence of the piston rings will prevent the damage of the engine by taking away the heat from the pistons.

4. The piston rings also used to keep the piston away from the cylinder wall, to avoid any knocking from the piston to the cylinder wall.

It is now clear that piston rings are playing important roles in your car engine. If you abandon them when they are showing signs of dysfunctionality, this will cost you bigger for the repair later or even for your safety in driving your car. By knowing the problems and detecting where the problem comes from, no surprise, you will find that it all because of the problem in piston rings.

Recognizing Bad Piston Rings Symptoms

When you dealing with any engine, in this case, is car engine, maintenance is an important part to make sure that each part works at its best and no damage is detected. Because the engine just like a human organ, damage in one part can easily affect the others. For the damage from one component to not affect other components, then there must be replaced soon. So, it is for your good to know what symptoms of damaged piston rings in your vehicle, before the occurrence of other damage caused by it. Here are some bad symptoms happening to your car caused by bad piston rings.

1. Damaged piston rings will cause leaking oil. The unnecessary amount of oil will go to the combustion chamber and causing the excessive consumption of oil in a short period of time. add more oil will help to reduce the heat from the engine.

2. The damage in piston rings will decrease the acceleration performance. You will know this when you step on the gas and there will be a delay to the acceleration.

3. The leaking of oil-burning will result in a Gray or white thick cloud of smoke coming out from the tailpipe.

4. The delayed of the acceleration, if you let be, will result in no acceleration at all.

5. The oil will lubricate the engine and keeping it cool, the leaking of oil from broken piston rings will overheat and damaging the engine even more.

Now that you know about the piston rings’ function and bad symptoms in the car related to it, there is no reason to not care about your car’s condition. Keeping it in a good state and well maintained it will help you to save the repairing cost and feel safe while driving it. 

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