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Watch What Happens When You Throw A Car From 150 Feet Onto A Giant Axe

The thing about YouTube is that you can go from watching cute little kittens down the rabbit hole before you realize it. Among the bizarre experiments that you will find on YouTube, none would come close to this experiment by How Ridiculous that involves a giant axe.

What are we talking about? Welcome to the YouTube channel – How Ridiculous! Most of you might remember an experiment that was conducted by an ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober. Mark Rober dropped a car from 150 feet onto the strongest trampoline in the world. Interesting, right? Well, that brings us here to How Ridiculous that decided to perform the same experiment but with some alterations.

Namely, the YouTube channel decided to make use of an axe instead of the world’s strongest trampoline. A giant axe – yes, you read that right. Things didn’t go quite as expected for Mark Rober’s experiment as well, and the same fate awaited for How Ridiculous’ experiment as well. Once the team had attempted the experiment using an old jet-ski, they decided to bring a car into the mix. The mammoth axe that awaits for the car at the bottom looks quite bring and might even remind some of our readers about the Saw series.

The million-dollar question for this particular weird experiment was ‘Will it split?’ Admit it, we’ve got you thinking about it as well, and now you are trying to figure out in your head what will happen exactly. Will the axe plough through the car’s body, or will the car prove to be too much for this big axe? Well, if you’re as curious as us, we urge you to check out the video below. Once you have seen it and shared it with your friends and family members, do let us know what you think of this experiment by How Ridiculous!