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23 Amazing Life hacks You All Must Know

These life hacks are not only meant to decrease your work load but also make you live a happier life. Following are 23 awesome life hacks which are incredibly useful and make your life easier

23. Live your life for the sake of happiness

Live your life not by measuring it rather by creating good and happy moments. Take it as an advice.

22. Say no to Ego, you can initiate

If you want to talk to some one, then be the first one to say “Hello”, and create happiness among relationships.

21. Power of a smile

A smile can cheer up some one and changes their mood.

20. Enjoy your Popsicle

No more mess and no more sticky hands, Thank you this genius life hack.

19. Prevent acne problem

Cover your pillow with a clean towel to avoid acne with in days.

18. Prefer soaps than body wash

Soaps are more long lasting than body washes and provides the same  function.

17. Chap stick on Scantron marks the answer correct

Putting chapstick  on a scantron will mark your answers correct. Genius!

16. Always buy two romantic cards

The image explains it all.

15. Expiry dates of the food products

Moving towards the back of fridge might effect the expiry dates of your food items.

14. Frozen grapes prevents your drinks from watering down

Frozen grapes instead of ice-cubes won’t water down your drinks especially wine.

13. Napping is healthier

Napping every day is healthier.

12. Plunger is a good soda/beer holder when on a beach

You can use a plunger to hold your soda or beer cans when on beach.

11. Do not waste your time on fake things

If you think that some one misguided the number, read it back incorrect and you will see the results.

10. Want to get rid of song stuck in your mind ? Then try this


Distortion of the lyrics and rhythm will help you in removing the song stuck in your mind.

09. Enjoy unlimited McDonald’s combo deals

Just follow the instructions and enjoy your meal.

08. Strengthen you bones and teeth

Ohhh… yes ! Beer actually strengthens your bones and teeth. Unbelievable.

07. Wanna sneak out? Try this

Don’t use your window it needs an effort ,walk on the side of your stairs will make less squeakiness.

06. Light up your hands, Believe me it is possible

A bug spray when sprayed on your hand can light up your hand without burning it. Cool!

05. A shoe = cup holder

Quite tacky, but it works especially when in car.

04. No need of paying rent for your pet

If you pay $65 on the registration of your dog as an emotional support then you will not need to pay rent for your dog.

03. Open up  the locks

Genius is the only word come into my mind.

02. There should be a handicapped parking spot

There should be a valid sign for handicapped parking spot. Only a wheel chair on a ground would be helpful enough to tell people to park their wheel chairs.

01. Serve your tummy amazing ice-cream bread

Follow the instructions shown in the image and prepare the delicious ice-cream bread for your self.