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Guy Makes Real Wolverine Claws That Can Cut Anything In Half


Wolverine is quite a fascinating character, don’t you agree?! We all remember how well Hugh Jackman played this part and how he has kept on doing so until now in the X-Men series. However, with each subsequent movie of the series, not only did Hugh managed to get more muscular but the wolverine’s claw also got more lethal. When such awesome characters coming to life, fans also try to come up with gadgets to mimic these characters. While most of them are a total mess, today we have one that is spectacular and something that you would want to have for sure.

Say hello to Colin Fruze, who has planned the celebration of X-Men: Days of Future Past in quite an amazing manner. He has built himself a set of Wolverine claws that are real and work without failing; they can be extended and retracted without any glitches. The die-hard fans must be asking where he got enough Adamantium from. Sorry to disappoint you folks but his claws are made of steel and not Adamantium. Each claw is a foot in length and is about 2mm thick.

As far as their cutting ability is concerned; they are capable of slicing a cardboard easily. You can also unleash your fury on watermelons and can take out Mystique shaped dolls (blow up kind) as well. Now here’s the best part; you rub them together and they will produce sparks just like the originals do in the movie. The only issue with this cool set of claws is that you will have to wear a backpack with valves and an air tank to make them functional.

Mr. Furze has more plans for such DIY inventions related to superheroes. In fact, he has announced that he will be unveiling two more such cool gadgets on 22nd May and 29th May 2014. We wish him luck and are hopeful to see more awesome gadgets coming from him. Check out the youtube video below for more details

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