This Guy Just Created His Own Iron Man Flying Suit

Obsession with building an Iron Man suit has really caught on! A few weeks back, we saw an Indian student try to recreate the famous fantasy suit. Now a YouTuber going by the name of “The Hacksmith or James Hobson” is also looking to achieve this feat by building a suit that is fully capable of flight. We have seen Hobson build extravagant projects such as Wolverine claws and Captain America’s shield, but this is something a lot more special.

In the video below, Hobson successfully completed his first assisted flight, after working on the concept for the last few months. From strapping rocket engines to his arm, to using propellers, the man has worked tirelessly to make this dream a real. And despite the fact that he was able to levitate, the duration of the rockets’ thrust was not considerably long, along with being incredibly dangerous.

Now Hobson has tried to fly using two EDF (Electric-ducted fans) that can produce 20 lbs of thrust. This is not sufficient to sustain flights for long periods, however, using weighted assistance he did fly seamlessly.

Hobson is currently contemplating on employing electric turbines to sustain flight for longer periods and allow him to fly without any assistance. And he already has demonstrated the use of similar set up used to accelerate a bike down a road up to speeds of 55km/h.

Credits: YouTube/the Hacksmith
Credits: YouTube/the Hacksmith

Hobson doesn’t have a functional suit for now, but given his commitment and creativity, we might be able to witness a real life Iron Man sooner than we expect.

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