20 Creative Design Ideas That You Wish Your School Had

School may not be the nicest place on the planet but learning sure is the best thing to do as long as there is a fun way to do it. Studying is stressful, and exams are even worse. Your school may not be making attempts to help with your stress but some schools are, and the ideas are right out genius. Looking at these, you might just want to go back to kindergarten.

1. These slides at Technical University of Munich

Image Credit: University of Munich

2. This Protractor Door In A Math Classroom

3. The Barcode on this homework that leads to an instructional YouTube video on the topic when scanned

4. The periodic table at this school

5. A kindergarten around a tree. Take me back, take me back!

6. Erm. Computer room in a school

7. A vending machine for school supplies

Where was this when I was begging people for pens before every exam?

8. A Japanese preschool that collects rainwater in puddles for kids to play

9. Relieving exam stress. I totally approve of this!

10. Mirror on the ceiling of a cooking class to show what the instructor is doing

11. The solar tables at a high school with USB outlet ports

12. Dogs for stress relief at this university

13. Theft proof calculators

14. Don’t we all need a nap room all the time?

15. This device that tells noise level in the library

16. A charging station where you can lock your device

17. This math building with Fibonacci spiral skyline

18. Marker boards for walls in these library study rooms

19. An earplug dispenser in the library

20. “Spy With The Shimmering Cloak” Area In Elementary School Where Students Can Experience The Idea Of The Periscope, Explore The Colour Spectrum, Learn About Complementary Colours

Does your school have a better one? Let us know in the comments.


Images: Bored Panda

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