9 Secrets To A Perfect Sleep On The Airplane

Some people have this unbelievable talent of falling asleep practically anywhere but rest of us, we could be lying in a queen’s bed and a pea will be enough to give us insomnia. When you are on long flights where you can not even afford to get good rest after landing, it is important that you get a peaceful nap while on the flight.

We have some simple tips that you should keep in mind to get a sound sleep while traveling that will help with the jet lag as well.

1. Get a night flight

Obviously, night time is the best for sleeping and a flight beginning at your usual sleeping time is just the best. To be more at peace, pick either Tuesday or Wednesday because that is when people prefer the least to travel.


2. Choose your seat wisely

Save yourself the embarrassment of falling asleep on your neighbor’s shoulder and get a window seat to rest your head on the wall and away from the galleys, restrooms, or anywhere with a lot of movement.

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3. Remember your sleep rituals

If you do have an overnight flight, remember to brush your teeth and change into comfortable clothes.

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4. Read a boring book

Avoid looking at screens when you want to sleep as the blue light from them can keep you awake longer. Listen to calming music and bring along a boring book that will help you fall asleep faster.

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5. Keep your sleep accessories handy

Always carry a blanket and a pillow around with you. A simple cotton sheet or a cashmere shawl is enough to make you comfortable, and a headrest is just fine to let you fall asleep sitting up.

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6. Block noise and light

the two sleep enemies, light and sleep can simply be avoided with earplugs and a mask, and if you love peace, you should have both of these on hand when traveling.

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7. Carry your own snacks and water

To keep you light and fresh, you may want to avoid unhealthy food and carry your own little snacks, so you don’t have to pay attention every time the trolley rolls by.

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8. Avoid the drinks on flight

Stay hydrated and drink water or even tea (preferably herbal) but dozing on caffeine or alcohol is just not a good idea when you want to get sleep.


9. Wear comfortable clothes

Dressed in a suit or skirt you may look classy, but in the end, you will be more comfortable in your jeans and a light t-shirt. Just make sure whatever you are wearing is comfortable according to the weather, and you are not worried about ruining your clothes.

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