Did You Know German Toilet Design is Different from Rest of the World? This Is The Wisdom Behind

Germans have earned themselves a reputation for being “weird and proud,” but this time it doesn’t relate to their automobiles or eatables. Apparently, they also have a pretty strange toilet that is deceptively normal, but the only thing is that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The Germans call it the ‘shelf shitter,’ and it is by far the most unique toilet seat you’ll ever come across. Almost everyone is fooled at first by the seemingly innocuous and traditional design, only to find resting turds staring back at you, much to your curiosity, satisfaction, or in my case, disgust.

Pic Credits: flushitblog

The design allows you to examine your ‘output’ before flushing it, and Germans say this is one of the key reasons behind their health. The idea of making a note of your morning poop after rising from the throne might be gag-inducing to some, but it is perfectly normal for the German people as they look for inconsistencies and possible diseases. If they do find any, they can simply call up their doctor, and possibly send him a snap or two as well.

Interestingly the Dutch also use a kind of ‘semi shelf shitter’ design. And this design facilitates the sales of these toilet brushes, as everyone is required to clean the toilet bowl after flushing.

Just don’t ever make the mistake of asking a German “how they are doing,” especially after they have just come out of a toilet unless you want to see some turd pics and intimate information about it.

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