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21 Amazing Things You Can Make Out Of Trash Items

For most of us when it comes to saying goodbye to old stuff we tend to become a bit clingy. It doesn’t feel right to throw away the stuff you once spent money on. We have created this list of 21 items that have been created from trash and can help in giving ideas as to what you can do with the items you’re about to throw.

21. Birch wood recliner

20. Hanging boat bed

19. Boat couch

18. Broken pot fairy garden

17. Drawers turned planters

16. File cabinet kitchen island

15. Colorful glass garden wall

14. Portable Cooler Remodel

13. Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine Conference Table

12. Milk crate kids stools

11. Piano aquarium

10. Cinder block chair planters

9. Skateboard tree swing

8. Headboard porch swing

7. Crib-turned-play-table

6. Teapot lamp

5. Old tire ottomans

4. A trampoline floating day bed

3. Shower head from an old watering can

2. Bathtub sofa

1. Chandelier from bicycle gears