Watch This Guy Replace A Light Bulb Using A Drone


Modern day fascination with drones has led to the gizmos being used in all sorts of applications, both for leisure and for genuine benefit to humanity.  And in all the frenzy, we have seen pretty hilarious and downright crazy videos featuring drone and their “ambitious” flyers. Today we are going to share one more!

Sven and his friend Marek Baczynski had a crazy idea on trying to replace a light bulb using their modified Eachine E30W quadcopter rather than say umm… a simple ladder!

This, obviously, did not work out very well, as they crashed the drone along with a series of light bulbs – nine to be exact.

After the perpetual failure, they switched to a Syma X5C-1 and managed to finally change the bulb! Hazaah!

Although it took around nine bulbs and at least an hour to clean all the mess after finally achieving this “wonder of house maintenance”, the satisfaction of the eventual success makes it seem all worth the effort.

What is the craziest thing you have done with your drone? Comment below!

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