This Clothing Store Offers the Perfect Outfits for the Afterlife


Since the afterlife is forever, you don’t want to live through it looking drab and boring. The popular English clothing lineup Lyst has put together a collection of the most stylish ensembles to ensure that you look your best in the afterlife.


Image Source: Lyst


The ‘Over My Dead Body’ collection was introduced after a survey revealed that more than 85 percent of the Britons had already picked out a dress for their final outfit. Surprisingly, more than a quarter of these people said they would be willing to spend as much as £1,000 to get a chic and stylish dress.


Image Source: Lyst


The editorial director of Lyst, Katherine Ormerod said:

“What we wear is such a huge reflection of who are and our personalities that it’s unsurprising that people now have a clear picture of what they want to be buried in. They say life’s too short for boring clothes, we agreed and took it one step further. Death is too long to get your last outfit wrong.”


Image Source: Lyst


Lyst surveyed the people about their choice for the dress in which they should be put to rest. More than 52 percent women said they want to be laid down to rest in style, mostly opting for designer wear and statement heels. 31 percent of the surveyed people said that they would like to be buried in their favourite undies.

One-fifth of the men believed they would prefer flip flops to boots on their final day while 31 percent wanted to put on a baseball cap. Lyst created a list of 40 items and accessories and recruited dead-pale models to present the ‘Over My Dead Body’ collection. The photoshoot was eerily shot with models laid on coffins.


Image Source: Lyst


Lyst also introduced a couple of creepy offers like ‘Try Before You Die’ to try on everything before you pay for them. The Death Threads package offered by the company informs your next of kin about the outfit you selected, in case you couldn’t tell them yourself.

Learn more about the collection here. The Halloween doesn’t get better than this, eh?

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