Don’t Trust The Live Space Videos You See On Facebook


Have you seen that ‘live’ video from the International Space Station (ISS) making rounds on the internet? If not, here you go:



The high-traffick Facebook pages like Viral USA and Unilad posted Live video from the ISS this morning. The only issue is that the videos were not really ‘live.’ NASA clarified the situation saying that the space agency had not set up a ‘live feed system’ today.

“While the agency provides live views from exterior space station cameras through the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment, there has been no activity outside the space station since the Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo spacecraft arrived to the orbital laboratory on Sunday.”

She further said that the crew return of the Expedition 49 was scheduled this Saturday.



In spite of the clear explanation, the live videos from the ISS went viral garnering up to 19 million views on the Unilad and 27 million views on the Viral USA page. Later, Unilad commented that they shared the video to:

“test the capabilities of what the ‘live broadcast’ feature on Facebook could really do.”

Of course, fake things going viral on the internet is no big news. After all, as Abraham Lincoln said, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

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