Engineer Recreates A Nearly Impossible Optical Illusion And It Will Confuse You Too


Most of the people are frustrated by the optical illusions. However, Ryan Nodwell was inspired to recreate a seemingly impossible optical illusion using his design and engineering skills.


Image Source: The Chive


The industrial engineer came across this picture online and decided to recreate this design. Nodwell posted the entire video detailing how he reconstructed the illusion in the video posted on his YouTube page ShopBuilt.


Image Source: YouTube


He said that it took him quite some time to cypher out what was going in the image. But once he did, he just had to rebuild it:

“It took me a long time to figure out what was going on when I seen a first picture of this. But once I did cipher it out, I had to build my own version.”

As Nodwell explained, it is the camera angle and the play of light and shadows that tricks your mind.



Did you figure it out before the YouTuber explains it? Let us know in comments!

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