Watch This Guy Make A Cool DIY Arc Reactor

This Youtuber is giving Tony Stark a run for his money. Known as The Hacksmith, this engineer turned DIY-er has a penchant for turning ideas from movies and video games into actual, functional prototypes! How cool is that?

Credit (Marvel)

Leaving his full-time job to fully dedicate himself to this pursuit, he has made many amazing youtube videos-each working on a brand-new project from fiction. He really proves that Engineers can do anything.

In his latest video, he develops an actual prototype for the Iron Man Arc Reactor. Iron-man fans gather around here!

So will the reactor power an Iron Man suit? Is it Real? Well, the Arc Reactor is definitely real since it generates plasma. However, as a disclaimer on the video explains, as per the Law of the Conservation of energy, it is not possible to make a device that produces more energy than it uses- so while it is close enough to the real thing- it may not actually power a suit that will power your Iron Man suit to fly. It does power a cell phone and looks pretty damn close to the real deal.

So until somebody comes up with a way to make an Arc reactor that will generate enough to power an Iron Man suit, this one is pretty great to have too!

Meanwhile, watch this Video to find out how he makes this really cool gadget!

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