Watch These Guys Make A Copper knife From Scratch


These guys from  Survival Skills Primitive created this beautiful copper knife from scratch.

That’s some talent!

In a video on their youtube channel, Survival Skills Primitive, these two men first make a furnace from scratch by using mud and baking it. The furnace is started with a fire. Solid copper pieces are then added into the burning furnace to melt.

An elongated plug is raised and lowered repeatedly into the two chimneys of the furnace through which stood which raised to create a draft to increase the temperature of the fire.

Credit: Survival Skills Primitive

Next, an existing knife is placed into a block of sand and then hammering it to make a mold. The molten metal is then poured into the stencil.


The metal is left to cool and then water is poured over the now solid metal. The resulting shape is chiseled against a large stone until a clean shiny surface is visible. the handle of the knife is made using tree bark taken from a small tree on the side.

The result is an absolutely solid copper knife with a sharp edge.


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