Turn Your Smartphone Into A Projector In Minutes

Your smartphone is handier than you think. We all know it can act as our diary, as our To-do-list or as our alarm clock. But did you know it can easily become your projector as well?

What you need to have..

All you need is the following list of things most of which you have probably lying around the house:

  1. A Shoebox
  2. A Magnifying glass
  3. Some paper clips
  4. Some Black paint
  5. A Cutting knife
  6. Sticky tape
  7. A ruler
  8. A pencil
  9. And most importantly, your smartphone
Credits: Techabout

What you need to do..

When you have all the required items, follow the following steps:

  1. First, place the magnifying glass against the short side of the shoebox and trace its outer edge on the shoebox using a pencil. You will have made a circle after you are done.
  2. Cut the circle shaped out leaving a hole in the cardboard.
  3. Next paint the box’s outside area with black paint
  4. Now fit the magnifying glass in the hole securely leaving no spaces for light to escape through.
  5. Now line up your phone with the magnifying glass so that that the screen of the phone is in the center of the magnifying glass. Trace two lines from the phone to the outer edge of the box to mark the position where you will place the phone.
  6. Now place your phone on the back of the shoebox at the place you marked. Use paper clips to anchor your phone into position.
  7. Cut out a  small hole for your phone’s power cord at the opposite end so that you can charge your  phone without taking it out of the box

Tadaa! Your Projector is ready for use!

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