Watch This 2000 Ton Hydraulic Press Hammer A 3-Ton Steel Ring

The red hot steel looks just like an angry donut at the end.

There sure is something oddly satisfying about seeing red, hot magma-looking steel getting beaten and crushed into a new shape, and I am sure there are not many people out there who would oppose it. 

Youtube Hydraulic Press Channel is a go-to-place for those into all kinds of smashing business: The hydraulic press shown in the video can take on anything from burning hot steel to considerably softer things, and it is strangely cool to watch stuff reaching their limit under such pressured force.

The Youtube video features a 2000-ton hydraulic press re-shaping large quantities of hot steel. The goal is to create a massive steel ring that appears as an angry donut for its final look. However, the fun won’t stop here, as the Youtuber had left its viewers in a looking-forward state when he told that it would be transformed into huge gear in the later following video.

If you’re still not excited to see it, this comment by the channel will surely do the job: “This press makes our machines look like a JOKE! You could probably push the 40 ton one under that and crush it into press pancake.” Have fun!

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