The Ever Given Stuck Across The Suez Canal Has Been Added To Microsoft Flight Simulator


The Ever Given just keeps on giving. In yet another bizarre development in the most bizarre thing anyone has seen for quite a while, a modder added the Ever Given to the map of the Microsoft Flight Simulator so now they can ‘enjoy’ the crisis in a virtual environment as well.

In a YouTube video posted by user Donut_ Enforcement, the player can be seen doing a fly-by of the area surrounding the Suez Canal and lo and behold, the Ever Given is lodged across it just like in real life. Unfortunately, there are no diggers and tug boats hard at work trying to free the 400m long ship like they are in real life, but neither is the maritime traffic jam that the Ever Given has caused.

‘Where that cargo ship is at?’ exclaims Donut_ Enforcement as he flies over the canal, and it’s at the exact spot where it is supposed to be. Granted that it’s only a mod, and the official map hasn’t been updated, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. You can see the video for yourself below.

The Ever Given got stuck across the world’s most important waterway on Tuesday and despite constant efforts to dislodge it, it has only been partially refloated as of yet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation game published by Xbox Game Studios in 2020. It features the map of the whole world generated using Bing Maps and Microsoft’s Azure AI. This not only allows players to travel the whole world on their screens, but also simulate real-life events as can be seen here, as ridiculous as it is.


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