Youtuber Shows How You Can Hold Plasma In Your Hand


Each noble gas releases a different colored plasma.

The videos from Action Lab always have something that comes with a no-nonsense approach to science, and this one is no different either. The inclusiveness of science and learning makes us love the channel more every time.

The channel is back again, yet another video shows how to hold a noble gas plasma in your hands. The description states, “In this video, I show you how to generate a plasma, and talk about why the noble gases can be turned into plasma so easily, yet are so difficult to ionize.

What feels like a magic trick actually isn’t. The Youtuber used minor glass tubes filled with various gases, and it appeared as a beautiful plasma color when he increased the voltage around his fingers.

Various gases have different colored emissions, ranging from a blue hue to a pink one and ultimately to a yellow hue. The gases he used for this experiment were helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon.

These gases are more commonly used in neon signs because they can easily be turned into plasma. However, their trait that they couldn’t be ionized with ease makes us question how these gases are turned into plasma with ease and difficult to ionize. The video below has your much-awaited answer.


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