WATCH: New 42nd Floor Glass Room In Sao Paulo Provides Amazing Views Of The City

You all have probably heard about the infamous Skydeck in Chicago, the highest observation deck located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. Now seems like Sao Paulo has also gotten inspiration from them and has built their very own glass room in the air but fair warning: it’s not for faint-hearted.

The Sampa Sky, is located on the 42nd floor of Sao Paulo’s tallest building, the Mirante do Vale, and is suspended at a height of 558 feet above the ground. It provides a spectacular view of the city from all three sides and under the box where visitors can have a full view of their surroundings and be literally on top of the whole city! “I think it’s beautiful, I love it. It was something that was missing in Sao Paulo,” said Sylvia Barreto, one of the few visitors who got to have an early sneak peek visit of the deck.

Seems like people who are afraid of heights couldn’t hold back their excitement and decided to muster up their courage and give the glass box a try. Deise Remos, another visitor commented, “It’s an incredible sensation. I am scared to death of heights, I must confess, but I worked through the fear. After the first step it was incredible, it is incredible to see the city from this height.” The Skydeck provides a different type of view at night with gleaming city lights all around and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Sampa Sky is all set to officially open on Sunday for tourists and authorities hope that it will become a famous tourist attraction spot just like the Skydeck in Chicago.

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