This Electric Aircraft Might Cost Just As Much As A Luxury SUV

The shift of the automobile industry has moved towards more sustainable and clean vehicles. The major trend in the industry at present is electric vehicles. Our world is degenerating at an appalling level and if permanent and rapid changes are not brought to our irresponsible actions, the consequences might become irreversible for good.

The recent change in climate has called for serious corrective measures that are extremely time-sensitive. Hence, the industry and manufacturers are focusing their efforts on providing environmentally responsible solutions for people.

This fast change and shift have made electric vehicles more accessible and affordable to the public. During the AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, an aircraft was displayed, and it is speculated that it may have a price similar to that of an SUV. It has a single seating capacity. Probably the most inviting factor of buying this particular aircraft is that one does not need an FFA’s pilot license to drive the vehicle and can fly without any obstruction.

The company that manufactures them is based in California and it is aiming to sell around 25 of these models within this year. The price, in the beginning, was said to be around the same as that of an SUV. However, it seems that the company is contemplating overselling their product and meeting their target of up to 25 sales as they issued a statement that said, “We are vague about the price so as not to overpromise.”

black fly opener

The aircraft has four propellors that can be adjusted and steered with the computer system installed inside. It is being called the Blackfly. It can switch between being a helicopter and an airplane smoothly. However, for the landing, there are no wheels. It just sets the keel of the hull down. Still, an accidental crash landing will not be a good sight.

It was created as part of recreational sports for the US and is in compliance with Part 103 of federal air regulations. It cannot have a weight of 115+ kg and is not authorized to fly at night. It has a functional BRS parachute that opens at a  height of almost 100 ft. all the parts of the vehicle have been manufactured in-house by Opener, and Leng.

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