WATCH: Jetpack Daredevils Fly Alongside World’s Largest Passenger Airliner

Jetpack Man used to be a myth in the past. It is no more. The suspicious figure that has been visiting the Los Angeles Skies for quite some time has appeared again, and the mystery has taken deeper roots as no answer about the origin of the individual is provided as of now. However, as mind-boggling as that is, it actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen a jetpack and an airplane sharing the skies.

An extraordinary spectacle was seen in the skies of Dubai on 5th November 2015. The Airbus A380 and the swashbuckling Jetman Dubai graced the Dubai skies together. It was the first time that the smallest jet-propelled wing displayed to the world that what all has been achieved by the aviation industry and what we should expect in the coming years.

In a detailed display of a choreographed aerial show, the A-380 flew in two holding patterns at about 4000 feet before it was joined by Jetman Dubai. The Jetman was launched mid-air by a helicopter already at 5500 feet’ height as per the press release of Emirates.

The duo performed awe-inspiring formations on both sides of the aircraft before coming together on one side and breaking off from the Dubai skyline and the Burj Khalifa in the background.

On 12 October 2015, a practice flight took place to ensure that the formations were well practiced so that no hitch happened mid-air while conducting the display. Resultantly on 13 October 2015, the final formation flight and filming were done.

“This display between man and machine celebrates the magic and beauty of flight, a feat which just over a hundred years ago would have seemed an impossible dream,” said Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Adel Al Redha, at the time. “It also showcases how far human vision and ambition has [pushed], and can continue to push, aviation’s boundaries.”

What is heartbreaking is that after this wonderful display, the Jetman, Vince Reffet expired on November 17, 2020. The specialist went away in a most unfortunate manner when his emergency parachute didn’t deploy. The way he departed only tells that the most expert individuals handling aerial tricks can also be victims of accidents.

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