Watch A 4600-Year-Old Wooden Boat In Egypt Get Transported In One Piece

The world that we live in at present is a product of its history and all the times that have come and gone before us. There are numerous pieces of evidence, and testimonies from the past that exhibit the mechanisms and systems of things that prevailed before us. We can learn significantly from what we know from the past and adopt what was good while steering clear from the paths of our mistakes. This is why the objects from the past are honored and preserved.

Recently, a boat that is almost 4600 years old was transferred from one place in Egypt to another safely. It is King Khufu’s Boat which is the world’s oldest and largest boat that is made up of wood. It was discovered in the area near the Giza pyramids and has been taken to Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

The boat is a solar boat 42 meters in length and has a weight of 20 tons. A remote-controlled vehicle was acquired from Belgium for the sole purpose of transporting the boat, fully secured in a metal frame during the commute. It took around 48 hours for safe delivery and reached the museum on Saturday.

By its name, it might be implied that the boat was used for voyages in the sea. However, it was not the purpose of it. In that era, the boat was used to transport the pharaoh of the time to the other world with their sun god, Ra when he died.

This particular boat was constructed with Lebanon cedar with the ‘shell first technique of construction. It involves unpegged tenons of Christ’s thorn being used as the main structural object. it was discovered in 1954 and had been on a display at the museum, Giza Plateau, ever since. The boat is now taken to the new GEM that took almost 17 years to construct. It will have more than 100,000 artifacts inside and will be considered “the largest archaeological museum in the world.”

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