WATCH: Man Takes Off Into The Skies With Helicopter Backpack


Innovative flying technologies are accelerating at a pace, and we have yet another one called as “Copter Pack.”

In recent times, videos have surfaced on the internet where military officials were seen boarding a ship using a jetpack, and it seems like the individual flying technology has taken off for good bringing newer designs as time passes on.

The new complex machine could also be called a Helicopter Backpack, given its design. It is revealed in a recent video that features a daring individual taking off to the skies using the Copter Pack that appears to be a blend of a drone and a jetpack.

The new flying craft is designed in a way that the person can walk just fine while wearing it, and can take to the air whenever feels the desire of having a look at the world from a higher altitude.

The new Copter Pack is developed by an Australian Startup and looks like a lot of fun and risks packed in one thing. While the pilot wearing the Copter Pack takes some fun twists and turns in the air, it still seems to be no less than a continuous hazard. The blades of the Copter Pack rotate right next to the wearer’s neck, and humans putting their entire trust into the machines have proven deadly in some instances, after all, anything could go wrong.

In the video, the new personal flying machine could be seen adjusting its blades autonomously for a controlled and stable flight. In fact, according to the company’s website, the “electric backpack helicopter” comes with a “self-leveling autopilot.” The Copter Pack seems to be a glimpse into the future of flying technologies, but it still doesn’t meet all the safety standards for its wide-scale use.

In all of the individual flying technologies that have surfaced up until now, the Gyrocopter is considered one of the safest. Most of the personal flying techs are still in the testing phase and haven’t been marked safe to be used widely by the regulatory authorities.  


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