This Hydrofoiling Boat Has Beaten All Electric Boat Range Records

Hydrofoil system is the secret behind high range figures, which makes the new boat exceed all other electric boats range by a long distance.

Candela C-7 aka flying boat cuts water drag by up to 80 percent using the innovative hydrofoil system allowing the C7 to go three times the distance on a single recharge compared to most other electric boats.

Low drag hydro foiling makes it a water ride that barely touches the water for an efficient and smooth ride. The clever system reduces the hydrodynamic drag at large compared to what a boat’s hull normally causes, saving more power for added range in its journey. The good news is that the boat is not in its concept state, rather is in production after passing the Swiss certification.

The hydrofoil system and Candela C7’s 40 kWh battery combined makes the boat capable of going up to speeds of 30 knots (35 mph) and delivers a range of 50 nautical miles (57 miles) at a single recharge. Some other electric boat models without the use of a hydrofoil system can go up to a 100 nautical mile, making it double the range of what Candela C7 could cover. Noteworthy here is that those boats carry massive batteries of around 350 kWh power to get to such high figures in the range. In contrast, Candela uses a far smaller battery and the actual difference is made by the use of the hydrofoil system.

It is not only the efficiency that makes Candela C7 a top pick, but it is also considerably silent in its operation which makes the boat a comfortable and noise-free water ride in harmony with the life below the water surface.

Saying that the hydrofoil is a complex system won’t be a wrong statement, but Candela has done it nicely. The entire foil system fully retracts automatically for comfortable and smooth sailing. The company made use of its own in-house “flight control” system for a controlled ride using a gyroscope, ultrasonic sensors, accelerometer, and GPS. The digital flight controller adjusts the angle of the foil 100 times per second for an optimum experience and a safe ride.

The hydrofoil that makes the boat capable of cruising a little higher than the water surface is a perfect fit for those windy days when the waves don’t come slow. The Candela’s C7 provides a comfortable sail even in those conditions while others on normal utility boats are up for some bumps and jumps all the way through the journey.

The company is offering test drives on its C7 in different places including Venice, claiming that it would aid in reducing the wake pollution that accounts for damaging the city’s buildings. Candela C7 would sell for around US$ 240,000 per unit, but that is worth paying for once the boat would catch all the attention upon lifting off of the water surface.

Check out the C7 in the video below.

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