This New Autonomous Car Cleans The Air As It Drives


The designer of the vehicle must be an environmentalist.

The new concept car developed by Heatherwick Studio for IM motors “Airo” has its name coming from the idea of cleaning the air. The newly designed concept car will not only be free of pollution but would also clean the pollutants and emissions from vehicles it would be crossing on a highway.

The compact-designed and futuristic-looking vehicle would come packing HEPA filtering system that would allow it to clean the air in the places it would venture to.

Airo was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, and talking about the modern features, of which almost all are packed in the “Airo.” It is an all-electric compact car, featuring fully autonomous and driver-controlled modes and an innovative feature that it would be packing is its ability to clean the air while on the roll.

One of the biggest problems our world faces today is pollution, be it air pollution, water pollution, or noise pollution, which have combined put our world at risk of deteriorating. The technologies that help bring the pollution level down sure are of great utility. This is exactly why “Airo” gets ahead of its competitor models, using its HEPA filtering system that vacuums the polluted air.

“Airo isn’t simply another electric car that doesn’t pollute the air. Instead, using the latest HEPA filter technology, it goes further by also vacuuming-up pollutants from other cars as it drives along,” says Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio. 

The world has been long waiting for flying cars, and for more innovative features in everyday use vehicles. However, Heatherwick Studio has shocked all with its new concept car “Airo” which addresses a serious environmental hazard. To say, it wouldn’t clear up all the air pollution obviously, but it is a good addition in cars to start making the difference at some scale.

Interestingly, air cleaning is not the only exceptional feature of Airo, the concept design of the vehicle comes with an outstanding interior. The interior of the car is customizable for different utilities. The seat positioning inside the car would be changeable as per the need of the time, the options range from a regular car interior to rotating the front seat backward to make it a meeting room. The seats can fully recline to make Airo a place where you could rest your back and stare at the sky, thanks to its fully-glazed roof.

Heatherwick explained that the EV was “Designed to simultaneously address the global space shortage, Airo is also a multi-functional room with extra space for dining, working, gaming, or even sleeping. As a new room for our lives, with a changing view, Airo is a car intended to transport us to a cleaner and better future.”

The automobile industry has traveled some distance towards creating a pollution-free commute over the years. From engines that burned fossil fuels and polluted the environment, to electric cars that would consume the polluted air, the technology has progressed for good, and Airo looks like the best use of technology in this regard so far.


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