This Solar Powered Boat Will Clean Up The Seas

Marine pollution is a serious concern in today’s world; with an ever-growing population and poor waste management, the world’s waters are being compromised at large, with plastic as the key player in endangering and deteriorating the life below water.

To sustain our environment for a better future, a firm, Seacleaners, has developed a hybrid sailboat Manta. The new innovatively-designed and self-running boat would aid in collecting, treating, and recycling the plastic debris floating in the water bodies in a water filtering action.

Seas and oceans are polluted with waste sourced from storm runoff, poor sewage, and other inadequate waste disposal and management techniques. Inconsiderate people visiting the beaches and not caring for the environment also add to the ever-rising problem of water pollution.  

Technologies and ideas to fight water pollution have been effective at some scale but not effective enough to cater to the growing marine pollution. Nations have been banning the use of plastic bags and other such measures have been in place for quite some time, but implementing these measures at a large scale is no less than a challenge and leaves the world in need of more effective solutions to filter the massive water bodies.

The large-scale waste collecting and recycling by Manta is the first of its kind and would aid in reducing water pollution. The recycled material would be re-used, saving in costs of extracting virgin raw materials. As per the company, Manta can process 90-95 percent of the collected waste on its own, using its extensive waste processing platform.

The giant boat would be backed by solar power and would function autonomously for 75 percent of the time with lesser needs of human intervention.

Manta is set to sweep off the ocean waste effectively, with claims that it would filter the deep waters by taking out five to ten thousand tons of waste per year, contesting in a battle against the ever-growing underwater pollution.  

Checkout the innovative waste collecting and processing boat in the video below.

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