Watch The Hair Raising Reaction Of A Color-Blind Grandpa When He Sees Color for the First Time


Whoever it is, please stop cutting onions! It’s making my eyes all watery.

Color blindness must be such an awful thing to live with, just imagine not being able to experience the most wondrous and awe-inspiring visuals this world has to offer to the fullest! But here is a pair of glasses by a company called Enchroma that promises to allow color blind people see the world in all its magnificence!

These glasses were given to Noll Stafford from Florida at his 66th birthday party, and the family captured made a video of him trying the glasses and looking at colors for the first time!

The reaction is priceless and makes you humble about how lucky most of us are with our perfect vision.



And if that didn’t get you all choked up, here are some more reactions from people who were gifted the colors of the world thanks to these glasses.



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