This Artists Turns People’s Dirty Cars Into Art Masterpieces

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Dirty cars may be repellent to some, but to an artist that looks for a canvas in everything, they could be potential art pieces. You don’t have to ask or pay to get your dirty car turned into one if you live in Moscow. Whether you want it or not, the Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev will vandalize your car, and you might never want to wash the art off of your vehicle ever. Along with the drawings, Nikita leaves a signature “Pro Boy Nick.”

Quiet Lunch

Nikita is an artist who does painting, illustrations and lots of digital art. His Facebook page is a treat for those who appreciate art. His current project “Dirty Car Art” has been labelled to be the best of his projects, as the hours of effort and hard work is meant to go down the drain in a short time.


My Modern Met

You shouldn’t be surprised if a Moscow resident purposely leaves their car dirty just to get it covered with beautiful artwork. We are just wondering how the owners of these cars got the heart to wash off the dirt later.


Bored Panda
Bored Panda

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