NASA Juno Mission Sends Back Incredible Photos Of Jupiter


NASA’s Juno probe was launched in 2011 that swept through space for five years before finally arriving its destination of Jupiter’s orbit in July 2016.

The satellite has made its fifth and by far most fruitful flyby of the Giant planet and has sent some awe-inspiring images back to Earth from 415 million miles away!


A principal Juno investigator, Scott Bolton said,

“Every time we get near Jupiter’s cloud tops, we learn new insights that help us understand this amazing giant planet,”

So what have we learned this time around? The pictures revealed Jupiter’s poles for the first time, along with a magnificent system of swirling clouds and storms taking over the planet’s atmosphere that are thought to be connected with Jupiter’s moon, Io.

The data has been made public, thus triggering scores of artists to enhance the unprocessed photos into stunning works of beauty and magic combining science and art.


Juno satellite is traveling at 129,000 miles per hour, and get as close as 2,700 miles from the cloud tops, which is hoped to provide enough data for scientists to rewrite knowledge about the giant Gas planet and possibly the origins of our entire solar system.

Watch the amazing pictures and artist recreations below!


Pictures Via NASA

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