Watch Ameca The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot Try To Tell A Joke And Fail Miserably

Ameca, the self-proclaimed “world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” recently attempted to prove her comedic chops in a new video, but unfortunately fell short of delivering a punchline. The video, posted on Engineered Arts’ YouTube channel, showcased Ameca’s lifelike facial expressions and her ability to mimic human gestures flawlessly.

In the video, Ameca was asked to come up with the most entertaining joke she could think of for a researcher. Her initial setup held promise, as she began with a scientist showing off his new AI robot to a group of people. When the scientist asked the robot, “What is 2+2?” it correctly replied, “4.” However, the joke quickly fizzled out as the scientist’s subsequent questions about 4+4 and 8+8 were met with equally predictable answers of 8 and 16, respectively.

While the lack of a satisfying punchline left the researcher unimpressed, some viewers found amusement in the failed attempt at humor. One YouTube commenter even quipped that the absence of a punchline itself was ironically funny. Others humorously suggested that the joke was too advanced for mere mortals or that the punchline was being appreciated solely by Ameca herself, as an AI.

Despite her comedic shortcomings, Ameca’s lifelike appearance and expressive capabilities make her an impressive technological creation. Engineered Arts, the Cornwall-based startup behind Ameca, aims to develop a walking version of the robot in the future. However, they acknowledge the significant challenges in achieving this feat, as walking poses a considerable difficulty for humanoid robots.

While the exact cost of building Ameca remains undisclosed, Engineered Arts emphasizes that she is still a work in progress, with ongoing development and upgrades. As artificial intelligence continues to advance, robotic creations like Ameca offer glimpses into the potential future of technology. Although she may not be ready to take over the stand-up comedy circuit just yet, Ameca serves as a reminder that there are still areas where human creativity and humor remain unmatched by AI.

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