Watch A Guy Riding A Huge Drone Wipe Out After Trying to Shoot A Basketball Hoop


Hunter Kowald, daredevil and mechanical engineering enthusiast, has made headlines several times with a creation he calls the SkySurfer.

But things don’t always follow his plan. Two new videos were posted by Kowald on his Instagram account where the inventor crashed his drone and sent splinters flying while trying to shoot some hoops from midair. This shows how feats like this can be dangerous.

The small basketball appears to bounce back and impact one of the drone’s rotors, causing Kowald to plummet to the ground from roughly eight feet, landing on his behind as pieces of his device go skidding across the court. The video viral after being shared on WorldStarHipHop.

“Bird attack training?” Kowald wrote in the caption of his video. “We’re trending this morning for it. I crashed because I let my guard down, it was flying fine.”

Things could’ve taken a more sinister turn. A second video, from a different angle, shows pieces of the drone dangerously flying through the air, narrowly missing a bystander.

“Crashed parts flying everywhere!” Kowald wrote in the caption. “It’ll drive full power into the ground to reduce impact.”

“I tensed, flew upwards, shut off the board, then let it do its thing while falling,” he added.


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