These Investigators Have Analyzed A DNA Sample To Make An Arrest In A Case From 1975

A bizarre turn of events has caused the re-opening of a 47-year-old “cold case”. A cup of cold coffee found at the airport paved the way for authorities to arrest the murderer in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania. A press conference was held on Monday in which it was revealed that the authorities have finally succeeded in arresting the long-gone murderer in this case. The 68-year-old David Sinopoli brutally murdered Lindy Sue Biechler in 1975.

Heather Adams, who is the Lancaster County district attorney, stated in a news conference, “This case was solved with the use of DNA and, specifically, DNA genealogy. And, quite honestly, without that, I don’t know that we would have ever solved it. ” The investigative authorities deployed the use of state-of-the-art technology of DNA genealogy to get their hands on the actual murderer, and hence, they succeeded. It was December 5th, 1975, when Bichelor, who was 19 years old at the time, was alone in her home and was busy with household chores when Sinopoli murdered him with multiple stabs. It was later revealed that she was stabbed to death around 19 times before she finally left the world.

The case remained an unsolved mystery due to a lot of confusion prevailing at that time. However, during the investigation, police interviewed around 300 people, but they got no solid proofs. The authorities then contacted Cece Moore, who is a genealogist working at “Parabon Nanolabs” and has a good history of solving a lot of mystery cases before. Moreover, the semen found from Biechler’s underwear back then was later confirmed in 1997 and then put under the investigation of Moore, who further analyzed it and assessed the immigration patterns.

The case took an interesting turn when Moore said that, by analyzing the sample from different aspects, the owner of this DNA sample resides in a “specific town in Italy.” Later, at a press conference, Moore said that she had assessed a sample size of 2300 residents who were living in that area, and after a lot of research from “court records, newspaper archives, and other sources,” Sinopoli finally landed at the hands of authorities.

Further clarification on Sinopoli’s being the murderer was given when an officer confiscated a cup of cold coffee at an airport, which was thrown off by Sinopoli. The investigators then matched his DNA from the cup with the DNA from the crime scene, and it came out that the murderer was Sinopoli. In this way, this case from 1975 has finally been laid to rest and justice has been served.

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