China Has Accused The United States Of Militarizing Outer Space

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian slammed the United States on Tuesday for militarizing and weaponizing outer space, urging the country to accept its full responsibility for ensuring peace and safety in space.

Zhao made the statements during a regular news briefing when asked about Washington’s newly activated National Space Intelligence Center.

“Washington is the main driving force behind the weaponization and militarization of outer space,” Zhao said.

For a great many years, the United States has embarked on a policy of space supremacy and openly designated outer space as a war-fighting domain, developing and deploying a variety of offensive outer space weapons such as directed energy and counter communications systems according to Zhao.

Moreover, he also stated that the United States regularly conducted military drills and enhanced overall military strength and preparedness in outer space.

“The U.S. has stolen intelligence information and engaged in close-in reconnaissance in the space domain, just as it has done in other domains. This would bring a serious negative impact on global strategic stability and constitute grave threats to peace and security in outer space,” Zhao said.

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