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Watch A Formula One Car Drag Race A Bugatti Chiron

If you even remotely consider yourself a petrol or gear-head, you’ve probably wondered about this. What happens when the highest-performing racecar in the world goes up against the highest-performing road car in the world? Can an extremely lightweight Formula 1 car really hold its own against the sheer and raw power of a Bugatti? Fortunately, the YouTube channel carwow has the answers for us.

The guys at carwow somehow managed to get hold of a Formula One car AND a Bugatti Chiron, and bring them to a drag strip to create the drag race of our dreams. What happens next is a series of fascinating drag races that really shows off how completely different but ridiculously fast both cars are. They even do a rolling start to mix things up a little bit.

The Formula One car in question here is a 2011 season RB7 that won the championship with the Red Bull Racing Team while being driven by Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber. It weighs just about 650kg and has a Renault engine producing about 750hp, meaning the power-to-weight ratio is much, much better as compared to the Bugatti that weighs in at nearly 2000kg but also produces a whopping 1500hp. Being from 2011 also means that the F1 car comes with that sweet-sounding 2.4 liter V8 that alone makes the video worth watching. It is driven by none other than former Red Bull F1 driver David Coulthard. The Bugatti Chiron with its mighty W16 belongs to and is driven by Shaz from Pulse Rally with Matt from carwow in the passenger seat.

So how do the two mean machines fare against each other? Watch below! Skip to the 4:45 mark if you just want to see the race!

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