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Bugatti Unveils Baby II For Company’s 110th Anniversary

For celebrating its 110th anniversary, Bugatti is taking a trip down the memory lane. Bugatti Baby II is an electric ¾-scale tribute to the Type 35 and original Bugatti Baby model that it resulted in. Bugatti Baby II comes thanks to a collaboration between Junior Classics and Bugatti. Similar to the original Baby, only 500 units of Baby II will be manufactured.

Back in 1926, Ettore Bugatti created a half-scale Type 35 roadster for the fourth birthday of his son Roland. The Baby Bugatti was an all-electric vehicle and featured a leather seat along with wrapped aluminum dashboard – just like the full-size Type 35. The Bugatti Baby became so famous that it went into production the next year with 500 units manufactured.

Coming back to the present, Bugatti has announced the new-generation Bugatti Baby II. The models will be a bit bigger though and will be suitable for adults and children alike. The vehicle will also have two drive modes but shall remain fully electric like the original Bugatti Baby.

The Bugatti Baby II makes use of lithium-ion batteries that can be removed. This means that they can be charged separately from the car and can also be swapped. It is capable of driving at a speed of 28 mph in ‘adult’ mode and can drive at a speed of 12.4 mph in ‘child’ mode. The speed limiter can be taken out, however, to deliver the complete 10kW potential to the motor via Speed Key upgrade.

Just like the original Baby, the Baby II has been designed after the Type 35 roadster but made use of 3D printing technology and developed using a precision scan of the original. It will come in a default French Racing Blue color, but a range of other colors are also available. The model will come with a solid silver Macaron badge on its nose and shall also feature limited-edition numbered plaque that will showcase the Bugatti Baby II’s production number, and a badge that will be honoring Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. It is priced at $33,734 plus tax and delivery fees. The car is being displayed at the Geneva Motor Show and the deliveries are slated for the third quarter of 2019.