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Frenchman Hits 333 km/hr On A Rocket-Powered Bicycle To Set A New World Record

We hope all of you have heard about the Frenchman Francois Gissy who set the world record of achieving a speed of 285 km/h last year on a bicycle that was powered by a rocket. So why are we talking about him again? That’s because he has set a new world record at the Circuit Paul Ricard in South of France where he hit the speed of 333 km/hr.
This was achieved by creating a thrust of 4.5 kN that is equivalent of 560 hp and was able to hit the top speed from rest in 4.8 seconds while accelerating at 19Gs. He has already claimed that his next feat will be of going over the speed of 400 km/hr in less than 2 seconds on a machine that he calls ‘Spine Crusher’.

In his own words, “The bicycle is pushed forward by a rocket thruster. It’s a variant of downhill riding, like on a speed skiing slope, which is relying on a gravity engine. Except that the rocket-propelled variant is much ballsier. Now the bicycle is equipped with a cluster of three small thrusters instead of two. The fuel is highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide. With this setup I have reached 333 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The thrust was 4.5 kN, which is equal to 416 kW of power at 333 km/h, which is a lot on such a skinny machine.” Check out the video below to see the feat for yourself:

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