Watch A Tesla Sedan Drag Racing A $4 Million Bugatti – With Surprisingly Close Results

The automotive world is witnessing a remarkable transformation as EVs redefine the concept of high-performance. Gone are the days when neck-snapping acceleration and incredible speed were the exclusive domain of revered brands like Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Today, EVs like Teslas, Kias, and BMWs offer astonishing levels of power and quickness, leveling the playing field.

The recent showdown between a Tesla Model S Plaid and a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport in a Carwow YouTube video perfectly encapsulates this intriguing trend. The Tesla Model S Plaid, a four-door EV with the optional Track Package, takes on the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, a renowned supercar that commands a multimillion-dollar price tag.

Despite the inevitable outcome – the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s victory – the results of the race are surprisingly close. The Tesla Model S Plaid, which costs a little over $100,000, put up a remarkable fight against a supercar that, when new, would set you back at least $4 million.

Before delving into the nail-biting race, it’s essential to understand the contenders. The Model S Plaid boasts an impressive 1,020 horsepower, derived from its three electric motors. In contrast, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is powered by a 16-cylinder, quad-turbocharged engine producing a staggering 1,600 horsepower. The Super Sport 300+, a modified Chiron, even holds the coveted title of the world’s fastest production car, achieving a top speed of 305 mph.

The first test in the showdown was a quarter-mile drag race, where the Tesla initially led thanks to its instant torque delivery. However, as speeds climbed, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport unleashed its power and crossed the finish line just ahead of the Tesla, with both cars completing the race in 9.6 seconds.

The second head-to-head race, a half-mile sprint starting at 50 mph, revealed a similar pattern. The Tesla surged ahead at the start, but as speeds increased, it proved no match for the Bugatti. The Chiron effortlessly accelerated from 120 mph to 210 mph, securing another victory.

The fact that an electric vehicle can challenge a multimillion-dollar supercar in a high-performance showdown is a testament to the rapid advancements in EV technology. As EVs continue to evolve, we can expect even more exciting and unexpected matchups in the world of automotive performance.

In essence, this race highlights the astonishing capabilities of modern EVs and hints at a future where electric power reigns supreme in the world of performance automobiles.

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