DIY YouTuber Builds A Jet-Propelled Bicycle – And It Is Utterly Ridiculous

A YouTuber known for his fishing adventures and boat and kayak hacks has gone viral for his latest video, “I Put A Jet Engine On My Bicycle.”

Zoffinger, in his latest video, shows modifying his bicycle with a jet engine. The created a custom turbojet engine setup for his bike, using fuel lines, a fuel pump, and repurposed water bottle as a fuel tank, among other things. He attaches the engine to his bike using a starboard and carefully measures everything to ensure proper attachment. Then, to goes to a remote location with his crew, safety goggles, and fire extinguishers to test his modified bicycle.

During his first test run, zoffinger was able to get the bike up to 40 mph (64.4 kph) by holding the throttle down completely. On his second test run, he only keeps the throttle halfway down to avoid wobbling and notices better controllability.

Although the setup looks very clean and sophisticated, zoffinger admits that it’s foolish, loud, and unsafe. He also says that he will stick to peddle power from now on.

Zoffinger’s jet-powered bicycle experiment has garnered attention for its impressive custom setup and impressive speed. However, the YouTuber cautions against attempting to recreate it at home due to its potential danger.

While this is not the first time someone has attempted a jet-powered bike, Zoffinger’s setup is safer than previous attempts, including those from Russian engineer ????? ?????? and YouTuber colinfurze attempts to build similar contraptions.

Furthermore, zoffinger’s latest experiment is a departure from his usual fishing adventures, but it still showcases his passion for DIY projects and upgrades.

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