ChatGPT Is Set To Power Chegg’s New Study Buddy – Even As Educators Try To Regulate It

ChatGPT has proven itself to be a useful companion for creating homework assignments for students. However, due to concerns about plagiarism, certain schools have banned this chatbot. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet, it’s worth checking out.

Introducing CheggMate, an innovative tool that elevates Chegg’s technology using ChatGPT’s AI model named GPT-4. This advancement presents an exciting prospect as CheggMate’s adaptability allows for a personalized approach to studying that is unprecedented. With the ability to collect data on courses taken and missed exam questions, CheggMate can tailor practice exams and provide a more individualized study plan to students.

As someone who struggled with standard exams in high school, I understand the importance of a tool like CheggMate. It can be difficult to select where to concentrate your efforts when studying for a test. Students will be able to obtain individualized advice on what to study and where to focus with CheggMate. Of course, there will always be challenges with AI and education. Some worry that tools like CheggMate may remove the human element from teaching and leave students feeling overwhelmed by technology.

These concerns, as someone who has studied general education, are baseless. However, I believe that the advantages of a technology like CheggMate exceed the hazards. AI learning aids can be effective tools to help students achieve when used appropriately and in conjunction with competent instruction. I’m looking forward to seeing what more advancements emerge in this field next year!

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