A Tesla Owner Says A Man Set His Electric Car On Fire, And The EV’s Sentry Mode Captured It On Video

A Tesla Model S caught fire last week, and the incident was caught on camera by the vehicle’s Sentry Mode.

The owner, J.R. Harriston, was visiting a friend in Spokane, Washington when the incident occurred. The video appeared to show a man approaching the car with two cans and pouring liquid on it before the vehicle burst into flames.

Harriston shared the video with KREM2 news, expressing his disbelief that someone would set fire to his “dream car” for no apparent reason. The motive for the apparent arson has not been reported, and the Spokane Police Department is investigating the incident.

The incident highlights the polarizing nature of Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, who have faced criticism and praise from various groups. Some Tesla owners have expressed dissatisfaction with Musk’s actions and considered selling their vehicles.

In addition to the potential human opposition, electric vehicles (EVs) have become targets for those opposed to the EV revolution. Some have filled EV charging stations with gas trucks, making it difficult for EV owners to recharge their vehicles.

Fortunately, Tesla’s Sentry Mode has successfully captured footage of incidents like this one. The cameras have raised privacy concerns, however, as reports have surfaced that Tesla employees have shared images from customers’ footage, leading to a lawsuit.

All in all, the incident involving a Tesla Model S being set on fire highlights the polarizing nature of Tesla and the EV revolution. In addition, while the Sentry Mode is valuable in identifying potential criminal activity, it raises concerns about privacy violations. Therefore, considering the possible consequences of using new technology to prevent and address crimes is essential.

Watch the video from the Sentry Cameras on the news outlet’s website.

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