Take A Look Inside This One-Of-A-Kind Luxury House That’s ‘Hidden’ Beneath The Ground

The world of architecture is witnessing a new trend in building design focused on sustainability and using natural and upcycled materials. One such example is the Chuzhi House, designed by Vinu Daniel, which has been gaining attention in the world of architecture for its unique and environmentally conscious design.

The house was built into the earth and onto a rock face, utilizing a camouflage construction technique to blend into its surroundings. The walls are made from 4,000 discarded plastic bottles that have been upcycled into beams to create a spiral structure, while the floors are reclaimed wood, and the house is constructed with mud instead of cement.

Daniel’s architectural mission is focused on natural and local sourcing, using waste materials to create beautiful structures. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s idea that “The ideal house in the ideal village should be built using materials found within a five-mile radius.”

“In India, discarded plastic and construction debris are commonplace. This is a precious waste. I look at it all as newly minted material because, who knows, this is all we may have in the future,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s project is devoted to using mud and waste as chief components for utilitarian and attractive structures. By building with natural materials, he hopes to create a sustainable and durable future for architecture.

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