Watch An F-18 Jet Break The Speed Of Sound Before Huge Sonic Boom In Extraordinary Closeup Footage


Breaking the sound barrier is a fascinating phenomenon that has captured people’s attention for decades. The ability of planes to travel faster than the speed of sound and create a sonic boom has intrigued aviation enthusiasts and scientists alike. In this context, a recently resurfaced video captured in 2013 at a US military airshow shows an F-18 fighter jet breaking the sound barrier and producing a sonic boom.

The footage has gone viral on social media, with many amazed at the incredible sight and sound of the plane flying past an aircraft carrier. The video was captured during a US military air show in 2013 and showed the fighter jet speeding towards the aircraft carrier and blasting past it at an incredible speed.

The most remarkable thing about the footage is that the plane doesn’t appear to make any sound for the longest time, even though it travels faster than the speed of sound itself. It’s not until the fighter jet is flying right by the carrier that anyone on board can hear the iconic sonic boom produced by planes traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Waves of pressure follow behind a plane when it breaks the sound barrier, creating a sound wave passing by known as the ‘boom.’ While land vehicles can break the sound barrier, planes are the best bet for reaching such speeds.

People who have seen the video have been impressed and astonished by the incredible moment. However, some have commented that the footage doesn’t do it justice, as a sonic boom can cause a whole house to shake.

The footage serves as a testament to the power and technology behind fighter jets and human engineering capabilities.


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