Watch $40,000 Worth of Gold Being Turned Into Paste By A Hydraulic Press


Crushing things under hydraulic press has been a real hit with all the anarchists out there. From explosives to bowling balls to all sorts of eatables, there seems to be an insatiable lust for squeezing or breaking things into unrecognisable shapes and forms.

Although many people have taken up this “duty”, folks at the UK-based YouTube channel Crushit have been the real masters of the trait. And on Saturday they took this game of vanity and destruction to a whole new level when they crushed a 1-kilogram (32 troy ounces), 24-carat pure gold bar, which was worth at least $40,000 (£32,000, AU$54,000).

The Crushit team thumped their chests before achieving this “feat”,

“This will be by far the most expensive crush we have ever done here on Crushit, and I think even in YouTube history” the host says. He may be right.

This was a tall claim, but might just be right, as the 1.2-carat diamond crush hosted by the Hydraulic Press Channel would have cost around $4,000, so the gold bar crush is certainly a lot more than that.

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