This Is How You Can Turn Your Mini Pringles Cans Into Awesome Electronic Drums


Besides having the divine flavour and the ultimate crunchy goodness, ever wonder what else a can of Pringles could do for you? How about letting you fulfil your drumming fantasies without ever having to buy an expensive set!

Although there are a plethora of mobile applications which can be used to play virtual instruments, in our case drums, they simply don’t give you the tactile sensation that one desires. In comes the snack-sized Pringles cans, which not only look like drums, but also give you the euphoria of that “bounce” feeling when you hit the lid by a finger or thumb.

But it gets better; you can actually connect the app with the Pringles “drum” and make it a truly dynamic duo. You simply need to clean the lid off any grease, and then attach a piezoelectric sensor to the lid which can detect taps. The tap impulses can be processed through an Arduino Micro, which converts them into a MIDI signal and helps you connect the Pringles drum with any virtual electronic instrument.

You can even connect them into a MIDI drum synth and start jamming right away! In the design shown in the video, the four lids consist of a kick drum, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat and snare notes.

You can the step by step information on how to make this on the Instructables page.

Did you try this design? How did it pan out for you? Have your say in the comments’ section below!

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