This Is What Happens When You Dip An iPhone 7 In World’s Strongest Acid


If you are one of those people with an appetite for the Thing A vs. Thing B concept videos, this one is going to be orgasmic.

TechRax is at it again with a pristine matte black iPhone 7 being punished in one of the strongest acids called the fluoroantimonic acid, which has a -31 pH. The iPhone 7 is soaked in the acid and left for 12 hours to be tortured and possibly totally wrecked.

And still they thought that this wasn’t enough, so they even added few drops of H2O2 hydrogen peroxide and H2SO4 sulfuric acid to the mix.

Did the iPhone 7 survive after this horrific damnation? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

And for the people who think that -31 pH level is not possible. In fact, you can have a negative pH. The pH level depends on the molarity of hydrogen in the solution, and if the molarity is greater than one, the pH will be negative and depends on the -log function. The acids having a negative pH even have their own name called superacids.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?


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